Artist Statement

As an artist, my works oftentimes showcase a subtle mix of past and future, technology and nature. What we do as mankind reflects in all aspects on the natural equilibrium. Portrayal of animals, humans, landscapes and sadistic contraptions fused together to form a beautiful and at the same time horrifying images. I'm an explorer and I do not let any medium stand between me and the message I wish to deliver to the world, be it classical or digital.

Art Critique

Jure Florjancic constantly explores different art forms and shapes, connects them, divides them in his own way and glues them together again – in other words – he “recycles”. His drawn images make for a fantastical play, showcased with fragmented but autonomous figures in unconventional relationships, that connect to “chips” of reality,  but shown as fictional. The artist presents his images, webbed from different lines, nets and almost plastic structures in a sovereign and innovative way. In his own expressive poeticism - with the help of contrasting visual styles - he searches for meaning, transcendence and integrity.  Florjančič brings elemental features to his compositions, upgrading them with his dynamic drawing momentum and precision. Author’s dynamic drawings or graphics, constructed from symbols, graphisms and organics with strong associative natures, make us recognize structural harmony. With his feeling of shapes and adequately chosen colors Florjančič explores original drawing and graphical constructs, erasing the division between different art forms but at the same time exposing motives from natural and abstract worlds. His ink drawings, but especially his prints on metal, reveal a tendency to change the settled art forms and views. On an envious esthetical level the artworks, with their liveliness and bluntness, tell us a lot about the creator’s great attention to art and his ability to immerse to his own subconscious. Florjančič analytically draws anachronistic forms and structures of the urban environment and anomalies of the modern society, but his factographical layers, issued from experience of reality, are connected in a fresh and unusual way. The author’s concrete visual style is a world or ideas and a polygon for thoughtful compositions, that allows for spontaneity and relaxation in finding thematical solutions. 


With the emphasis in finding personal truth, Jure Florjancic exchanges his personal experiences into a new vision of media – thoughtful and meaningful, but still enigmatic and attractive. His art is a unique 
“mental chronovision”  through which he visualizes general existential variability and enables the viewer a clear and interesting glimpse into the art space.


- Boštjan Soklič, 

art historian and curator at Loški muzej, Škofja Loka


I was born in Kranj, Slovenia, in 1987. My father is a painter and my mother a teacher. As a child I was always connected to art in some way. My father's work had me connected to realistic and hyper-realistic art, while my mother taught me to enjoy literature and abstract art. I learned at a very young age that I have to question what many people take for granted. 

I always liked performing in front of large groups and when I was 14, I started taking acting classes in high school. I never considered myself a good actor, but that didn't stop me from trying. I was a member of many major amateur acting groups during the years and at age 25, I was employed by Theatre Loški oder as a stage technician, lighting designer and scenographer. I attended university and took art history classes but later decided that my life goal is to produce physical works of art, so I started studying painting at Arthouse College of Visual Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

As an artist, I try to show my emotions, my past and future in my work. I try to listen to my intuition about what is happening in the world and in my life and interpret it in a subtle and refined way. 



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